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Updated October 6, 1999

Hi! Thanks for visiting my news photography page. These photos were taken by me and published by the Kinston Free Press while I served as a staff photographer there. I currently work on a freelance basis. Most photos were taken with an AP 2000e digital camera. (Yes, going digital was *quite* an experience!;-) I have tried to keep the file sizes down but still, some may take a bit longer to load than I would like. Hopefully they will be worth the wait for you. I think they are! These images are owned and copyright protected by the Kinston Free Press, therefore it is illegal to copy or reproduce them in any fashion. Thanks again for visiting and enjoy!! Donna

Retired Kinston Veterinarian, Dr. Morris Hill, rescues a small calf, born just days before Hurricane Floyd.
For the full story on this event, published in the Raleigh News and Observer(N.C.)9-29-99: Hurricane Floyd Feature

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More Photos!

Hurricane Dennis:Over a cup of coffee, a Marine Private watches wind and rain from Hurricane Dennis whip trees and equipment.
Firefighter: After the danger of a house fire was over from a faulty A/C unit, this firefighter entertains the little boy of the home.
Agricultural Research Station: A college senior inspects zinnias for insect damage at a Research Center."
U.S. Flag and moon: This was taken one late afternoon as a cold front rolled in.
Standing in His Shadow: Every little leager's dream is to one day play with the pro's.
Sunset:A winter sunset by a sycamore tree.
"Check out those CHOPPERS!": A dinosaur skull exhibit by the Museum of Natural Science.
Having a ball!: Taken at a home town festival, this little girl proved to be a fabulous photo op for me.
Lawyer and weekend tourney winning golfer.: Just how interesting could this shoot be? I DID have to get creative on this one! A very nice guy, he went along with my requests.
Meal Deal:A four legged chicken, no kidd'n!
Stiff-armed! :A college football Game get's a bit rough.
Passing game: Same game as above, opposing quarterback throws a pass.
He does windows.: I saw this guy while on the way to a different shoot. It was too good to pass up!
Tulip Tree Blossom: I love close-ups of nature.
Caiman Crocodile: This little guy was NOT a happy camper!
Egret on the pond.: Maxed out my 80-200 lens on this one.
Spotted Turtle : Endangered species.
Happy Sliding!: Two thrilled little girls on a BIG slide.
Heat Relief: Amid temperatures of over 100 this past summer, the front porch by the fan was the place to be for these two girls.
Foot Beat: This was a fun shoot because I literally had to lie on the sidewalk to get the shot. (Lots of strange looks from folks!)
Irrigation Tower: Various irrigation methods are used in periods of drought. This type is used on larger farms.
Greenhouse Farming.: This farmer raises seedlings in a greenhouse for future transplanting in the field.

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